Confirmation is God’s final installment in preparing us to go out and be missionary disciples for His Church. What your parents started in you in your baptism is now Confirmed by the Church.  Through the Church we all receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit to go forth to spread and defend the Catholic faith. Are you ready to prepare for and accept that challenge?

With this in mind our teens are given a year to learn about what the sacrament of Confirmation is, who the Holy Spirit is, to grow in their relationship with Christ and His Church as they discern the reception of this powerful sacrament.

Main Components of Confirmation Formation
  • CatechesisConfirmation Restreat 2
  • Pilgrimage
  • Retreat
  • Service
  • Community
  • Prayer/Discernment


 Confirmation Parent & Teen Meeting will be Sunday, September 24 at 6:30pm. Be sure to do the following before attending:

Confirmation Calendar at a Glance 2017-2018

Spirit Day/ Small Groups
  • One8 Journal Exercise
    The following chapters are to be completed at home: “Credo” in October, "Pillars" and "Any Given Sunday" in December
  • Spirit Day: On Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 4-8pm we will have a unique evening of learning with Confirmation candidates, sponsors, parents and peer ministers. The majority of the day is lead by our high school peer ministers. If the sponsor cannot attend then a parent or older sibling should attend in his/her place.
  • CFF: Confirmation Friends Forever. Each of our Confirmation peer ministers will be taking on 2 or 3 Confirmation candidates as their CFF. Over the course of the year this peer minister will be reaching out to the confirmation candidate to help him/her in anyway he or she is able.
  • Life Teen: Life Teen is the primary way that our Parish helps to continue to educate our teenagers in the ways of faith. It is a program designed for ALL high schoolers 9-12th grade.
  • Mass: Get to Mass every weekend. This is our community. We all need to be fed by the Eucharist each week, especially as we prepare for a new and powerful sacrament.
  • Confirmation Small Groups: The 4 small group sessions will be hosted in several catechists’ homes. Sunday January 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2018 from 7-8:30pm.



Click Here to learn what a sponsor is and how to pick one.

The teen with the help of their sponsor should complete this Sponsor Information Form by January 29.

Informacion del Padrino de Confirma

A sponsor is someone who will be with you on your life long journey of faith. Think of family members, your godparents, parishioners, your friends parents, teachers, coaches and ask yourself:

  • Who models living as a disciple of Christ?
  • Who would I feel comfortable talking with about my faith?
  • Who could I feel comfortable praying with? Who is praying for me?

A sponsor must be at least 16 years old and a fully initiated, practicing Catholic. That means that this person has received the sacraments of baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation and is currently registered at a Catholic Church and attending Mass regularly. To verify this information each sponsor must send to our Church a sponsor certificate. To obtain this the sponsor needs to call their Parish, speak to the Parish secretary and request a “sponsor certificate” in order to be a sponsor for Confirmation. This certificate should be brought to Spirit Day by the sponsor or mailed to St Tim's by the week prior to:

Sandy Gordon
St. Timothy Catholic Church
8651 Biggs Ford Rd.
Walkersville, MD 21793

The Sponsor can also fill in this Sponsor Certificate Request Form and email it to their Parish secretary.

If your sponsor is a member of St Timothy’s then no certificate needs to be obtained.

Sponsors are asked to attend:

  • Spirit Day on Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 4pm-8pm
  • Confirmation Mass Rehearsal Wednesday, June 6 at 7pm
  • Confirmation Mass Saturday, June 9 at 11am (arrive by 10:30am)
  • Sponsors are invited to attend your pilgrimage experience or participate in service with you.

Each teen is asked to complete minimum of 6 hours of service in conjunction with the St Timothy parish community. This means that the service is either:

  • Occurring on site at St Timothy, with a St Timothy organization such as the St Vincent de Paul Society, Pro-Life group, Christian Formation, Life Teen or Knights of Columbus OR teens may submit a service project proposal for a service he/she would like to provide at St Tim’s.
  • Teens may consider:
    Liturgical minister (if they have not done so before) such as a lector, musician, or usher.
    - Volunteering for MCF classes, Timmy’s Tots, Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
    - If you participated in any of the following this past summer then your service requirement has been fulfilled: VBS, Summer Formation, Work Camp or iServe.
  • Many service opportunities are listed on the Confirmation calendar above. To sign up for that service opportunity click on the date and sign up.
  • Service Follow up
    -  Teens will be asked about their service component during their personal interview.
    -  Service Reflection forms are to be completed after each service experience. All forms are due to be submitted online no later than May 21.
Saint Name

How and Why We Pick a Saint Name for Confirmation

When you are Confirmed by the Bishop he will Confirm you by the name you choose.
Because the sacrament of Confirmation is a completion of your Baptism the Church asks that you first consider taking on your Baptismal name (either your first or middle name) as your Confirmation name.

Step 1: Research your first and middle name and ask your parents why they named you what they chose. If either of these names are significant to you then no need to pick a “new” name.

Step 2: If you are not named after a saint or you have another saint in mind that you really want to take on as your Confirmation name then go for it. Just don’t pick a name because it sounds cool or because it will give you cool initials ( I almost picked Olivia just so my initials would be MNOP – dumb, I know).

Step 3: Research, pray, talk to your parents, sponsors, CFF, and yms about saints. Click on the link at the top of this page for a list of online resources.

Step 4: Complete this Saint Info Sheet and submit it online by January 29. Do not simply copy and paste answers off of websites. Marissa will just ask you to do it again (this time by hand).

Worthy of the Call Training

Following Confirmation our young people are called to fully participate in every area of Church life. This can only be done, if like the adults, our teens complete safe environment training which is called “Worthy of the Call.” It is a 90 minute training that equips young people to be peer ministers, leaders in their parish and responsible mentors for children. If your teen has not yet completed Worthy of the Call training he or she needs to attend one this year.

*Please note that any service projects that entails working with children requires that the confirmation candidate receive Worthy of the Call training before serving.

Sign Up Here for the training you will attend | Please complete this mandatory Volunteer Application online by Thursday, September 21 and email it to  She will then print them out and have them out to be personally signed by each parent at the meeting on Sunday, September 24.


Pick Your Pilgrimage

Details & sign ups for these pilgrimages will be available on the Life Teen page as we get closer to the dates.

    • Option 1: Grotto in Emmitsburg, July 30 Sign up
    • Option 2: Back From the Dead, October 28, 5pm Mass - 9pm. Cost $5 Sign Up
    • Option 3: Franciscan Monastery in DC January 13. Cost $15 Sign up 



The Confirmation retreat will take place November 17-19, 2017 at Summit Lake.

Sign up

Information & Packing List: English / Spanish

If you have a dire conflict be sure to let Marissa know. Your teen will need to attend the high school retreat April 27-29, 2018. Many of our teens go above and beyond and choose to attend both retreats.

There is no fee for this retreat.

what-to-pack-list-2016: bring a coat, don't pack peanut products


This program is condensed. . . Meaning there is a lot of information to be given to your child in a short amount of time. If you know in advance of a conflict , please inform Marissa so that make-up work can be created. If a teen misses a class unexpectedly he/she is expected to ask Marissa for make up arrangements.

Also attendance is expected at Life Teen.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

All teens who have not received 1st Reconciliation need to contact Marissa to set up a refresher lesson and attend the sacrament prior to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Most teens will participate in this sacrament while on retreat.


All teens will talk about their Confirmation experience with a youth minister in the spring.  Here is the What You Need to Know Study Guide. Teens will be expected to answer fully and completely any of the questions covered on the study guide. If they are unable they will be asked to continue to study and then re-interview.

Teens can sign up to be interviewed at the spring retreat or in early May.

Letter to Bishop

Our newly appointed Bishop, Bishop Brennan will be the presider for our Confirmation Mass. We are blessed that he is fluent in both English and Spanish.

He wrote this LETTER to you explaining what he would like you to write about.

Your letter should be addressed to either "Bishop Brennan" or "Your Excellency."

  • These should be written in letter format starting with “Dear Your Excellency and should be closed properly: “Sincerely,” “Peace in Christ,” etc.
  • All letters should be typed, double spaced, 12 pt font, and checked for grammar and spelling.
  • Please talk about the following:
    • How have you been preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation? What has made the greatest impact on you?
    • What do you think Confirmation and the gifts of the Spirit will do for you?
    • What are some practical ways you can be faithful follower of Christ after you are confirmed?
    • As you think about your future, do you ever talk to God about it? Have you considered seriously the possibility of serving God as a religious brother or sister or priest?
    • How have you spent time with your sponsor?
    • Describe your relationship with Christ and how it has grown or changed through the Confirmation preparation process.
  • Due via email to Sandy Gordon at by April 30.
Confirmation Mass

Confirmation Mass will be Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 11am.  Teens and their sponsors should arrive to the Parish Center at 10:30am.  Doors to the Church will be open no earlier than 10:15am.

Rehearsal for the Confirmation Mass will be Wednesday, June 6, 2018 from 7-8pm.  Teens and sponsors should attend. If a sponsor cannot attend then a parent or older sibling should step in for the practice.

Girls: Can wear either a dress, a skirt with a blouse, or a dressy pant suit. All skirts and dresses should be at least knee length. You do not have to wear white. If your top has spaghetti straps or is off the shoulder you may wear a sweater to cover your shoulders. The idea is to look beautiful and modest.

Boys: Button down dress shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress shoes, a suit coat if you have one (no need to buy one just for this occasion). Full suits are also fine. Please do not wear tennis shoes, t-shirts, hats or jeans.


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